The brief was to create a proposal for a modern, exciting, and one-of-a-kind dining experience.

The goal of this project was to design a restaurant which offers a unique visual and gusta-tory experience. Preserving the local character and the original features of the neo-classi-cal and Georgian building in Edinburgh New Town lay at the heart of my proposal.Inspired by the art of molecular cuisine and images of mesmerising plates with beautifully arranged food, I played with various textures: hard, spongy, transparent, thick, thin, light, heavy, shimmering, airy.

The result was Portière, a restaurant where food and style conscious eccentrics can ap-preciate calm elegance, dim lights, and ambient atmosphere while embarking on their culi-nary adventures. Its interior is simple, almost austere, yet it surprises the visitors with its rich textures and well-balanced space. As part of the functional and stark décor, the light-ing, tables, chairs and glass walls enhance the authentic features of the space and create a bold statement, just like molecular cuisine. One can describe the restaurant as a perfectmarriage between tradition and modernity.

Portière, a heavy velvet curtain, becomes the venue’s trademark.

* The name portière is derived from the French word for door. It represents a heavy curtain hung in a doorway, commonly used in the Victorian era as an ornament or to stop draughts.