#Any Woman Anywhere – 3D architectural Projection Mapping campaign in Edinburgh

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2019, Zero Tolerance, have created Any Woman, Anywhere in partnership with AMINA The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, The Church of Scotland and Summerhall.

Projection Mapping Edinburgh

The content of our projection mapping gives voices to women’s experience of violence – the messages in it were created in partnership with members of the women’s sector, survivors, and key focus groups run by Amina: The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre and The Church of Scotland.

Our events and street campaign were made possible and brilliantly vibrant by our amazing team of volunteers.

The projection mapping animation was created by Robert Motyka at Wee Dog Media using illustrations made by artists Aga Miętkiewicz and Lababa Naqvi. It was projected using equipment from the Projector Club.

The project was funded by the Scottish Government.

More: https://www.zerotolerance.org.uk/news/news-events/any-woman-anywhere/


Drawings: Aga Miętkiewicz, Lababa Naqvi
Animations and projection mapping: Robert Motyka