Sikh Sanjog women community scotland

Sikh Sanjog

Sikh Sanjog aims to provide a range of quality opportunities for Sikh and other Minority Ethnic women and their families which reflect their educational, recreational, cultural and social needs recognizing the potential for lifelong learning ...

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Soldier Bear Wojtek

Wojtek was a Syrian brown bear purchased, as a young cub, at a railroad station in Iran by Polish II Corps soldiers who had been evacuated from the Soviet Union. In order to provide for ...

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The Great Polish Map of Scotland

The Great Polish Map of Scotland is a large (50 m x 40 m) three-dimensional, outdoor concrete scale model of Scotland, located in the grounds of the Barony Castle Hotel, outside the village of Eddleston near Peebles ...

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sympoetry-scottish-poetry-library promo video


SYMPOETRY was a Poetry Symposium at the Scottish Poetry Library. A weekend event that brought together world-class poets and literary thinkers to address a question of vital importance to the state of poetry today: Poetry; Who’s ...

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Video Production Edinburgh

Forest Cafe

Over 100 year old Edinburgh University Settlement charity bankrupt at 27 October 2010. The charity was funded by private and public sector, including the city council, RBS, Edinburgh University and Scottish Screen. Owned by USC ...

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