Projection mapping workshops Madmapper Modul8

Projection mapping workshops in Edinburgh

Another successful and exciting “Image creation and projections technics” lecturing and workshops at Edinburgh Lighting and Sound School. Group of international adult Stage managers and Audio Visual technician students had an opportunity to practise Modul8 ...

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Carbogenics’ innovative low carbon process converts waste paper cups and other low-value paper waste into CreChar® – a carbon-rich material that stimulates biogas production and improves plant growth. * Pencil drawings: Eliza Marcinowicz. ...

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Growing up with a minority language

Minority languages, such as Gaelic, are being boosted by growing numbers of multilingual students from foreign countries choosing to study or attend specialist schools in Edinburgh and Glasgow. New Speaker Network This is one of ...

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Federation of Scottish Theatre is 40

Federation of Scottish Theatre is the development body for professional dance, opera and theatre in Scotland, bringing the sector together to speak with a collective voice, to share resources and expertise and to promote collaborative ...

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Our Dynamic Earth

A centerpiece within the ‘Scotland’s Time Lords’ exhibition at ‘Our Dynamic Earth’, a hanging 1.2m PufferSphere tells the geological story of Earth from the formation of the continents as we know them through to the ...

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