you can be introduction

You Can Be Storytelling Time Introduction

Listen to an inspiring storytelling podcast for pre-school children with Mara Menzies. These stories will captivate imaginations, defy gender stereotypes and encourage children to be whoever they want to be! * Motion Graphics, Video ...

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The Causey: transforming a place

The Causey Development Trust is working at grassroots level to transform a neglected, car-dominated cityscape into a vibrant, people-friendly place that celebrates the history and spirit of the Southside of Edinburgh. Our ambition: The Causey: ...

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Broccoli salad B-roll

Piotr Motyka: camera / edit All footage was recorded on hand-held Sony A7rII using manual focus. * Broccoli salad recipe Ingredients: 1 broccoli 1 cucumber 1 tomato 0,5 red onion 10 olives 1 spoon of ...

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