Miłosz in living pictures

Miłosz in living pictures is an audio-visual show inspired by Czeslaw Milosz’s poetry. The project is a brainchild of a violist, composer, arranger, and producer, Paweł Odorowicz.

The music touches upon the themes of passing and timeless values. Fragments of the chosen poems are woven into the visualisation, thus presenting the audience with the verbal inspiration on the one hand, and constituting an element of the visualisation on the other. The images are projected onto two screens: one of them is behind the musicians, the other in front of the scene, which creates an interlacing three-dimensional impression. All of that creates a syncretistic, aesthetic wholeness.

Music for the show has been granted by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland.

Paweł Odorowicz: music composed, live performing
Robert Motyka: motion graphics, audio visuals, live video mixing, multi projections

Camera: Ben Glasgow, Robbie O’Donnell
Edit: Robert Motyka