National Museum of Scotland

Becoming accustomed to flying over to the other side of the world to install our shiny video balls; changing time zones, watches and projector timers accordingly it was a refreshing adjustment to do an installation a little closer to home…

Having the opportunity to install one of our displays at our favourite Edinburgh museum, the National Museum of Scotland, was an enormous thrill for the Pufferfish team. We’re no strangers to high profile museum projects, but to have one we can visit every weekend with friends and family makes this installation all the more special.

Fittingly for a museum in a city which was home to the genesis of modern geology, the 1.6m PufferSphere XL forms the focal point of an exhibition area titled ‘Our Restless Earth’, where it is used to display continental drifts, tectonic plate movements, rock formations and volcanism over time; much to the delight of visiting children who seem to digest the information best by running around the sphere!

It is no surprise to us that after the £47 million refurbishment of the museum, it has since become the UK’s most visited attraction outside of London with a huge increase of 141% in visitor numbers.

This makes us very proud, not just to have been involved in an installation on our doorstep, but also with such a prestigious museum. Never shy in showing off our kit, we have taken to encouraging friends, clients and partners to visit the museum whenever they are in Edinburgh, asking them to spot our sphere amongst a host of other treasures.

Thanks go to the team at ISO design for creating the informative content for our sphere, the Atlas AV team for their integration and all of the wonderful team at NMS.

Sphere & Integration: PUFFERFISH []
Content Design: ISO []
AV Integration: ATLAS AV []



Camera, edit: Robert Motyka