Roshni Gallagher reads – Edinburgh Multicultural Festival 2020

A multi artform collaboration between poet Roshni Gallagher, musician Diljeet Bhachu, photographer Kate Soltan and projection artist Robert Motyka brings a unique experience of spoken word accompanied by live music to the backdrop of nature imagery. Roshni’s six poems are a tender exploration of how we grieve lost language and histories – and how identity can still be sought after and reclaimed. The piece journeys from a place of disconnection and isolation to one of belonging and community. A mellow soundscape of semi-improvised live flute accompaniment by Diljeet Bhachu complements Roshni’s readings.


Roshni Gallagher: Poet and Reader
Diljeet Bhachu: Flutes and Effects

Raheema Sayed: Poetry Programme Curation

Kate Sołtan: Artwork
Courtenay Drakos: Head of lighting
Morgan Njobo and Ramcise Modie: Sound editing
Robert Motyka: Multi projections set, Video editing
Piotr Motyka: Camera, Video editing
Kat Długosz: Camera
Robert Henderson: Audio recording
Banana Row Studios, Leith, Edinburg, Scotland


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Produced by African Connections CIC for the Edinburgh Multicultural Festival.