The Snow Queen, Lyceum Theatre

The Snow Queen, Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh 2010 from Wee Dog Media on Vimeo.

From her ice palace at the very top of the world, the wicked Snow Queen plans to turn everything to winter – no more summer, no more sunshine, no more warmth, no more holidays making sandcastles on the beach…

She starts by casting her spell over one little boy, Kay, turning his heart cold and letting him see only misery and ugliness in the world. But Kay’s friend Gerda has always thought of Kay as a brother, and together with the beasts of the forest and the sun spirit Bhima, she undertakes a quest to save him – and the rest of mankind – from eternal chill!

Stuart Paterson’s plays have long been popular with young audiences, especially at the Lyceum, and we’re delighted to be revisiting one of his earliest, most beautiful and most popular adaptations of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales. Guaranteed to put warmth into the coldest of hearts, however young or old you are!

Directed by Lyceum Artistic Director Mark Thomson (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Lyceum 2008) and starring Allison McKenzie (Macbeth, River City) as the Snow Queen.

By Stuart Paterson
From the original by Hans Christian Andersen
Directed by Mark Thomson
Lyceum Theatre website


Production, camera, edit: Robert Motyka
Presenter: Joanna Zawadzka:
photographs: Alan McCredie, Piotr Motyka