Motion Graphics animation – Imaginary Cityscape – Artists-in-Residence at Abbeyhill Primary School.

Once upon a time, an awful pandemic struck the city of Edinburgh. A tiny spiky disruptor caused the closure of Abbeyhill Primary School. However, imaginary and surreal creatures walked past and moved in. Abbeyhill cityscape changed forever – Arthur’s Seat radiated with the colours of the rainbow, swans strolled the streets and bears rode bicycles. The artisan houses were ablaze with multicoloured raindrops and festival banners. Even the world-famous scientist Albert Einstein, albeit in disguise, took residence.

Iliyana Nedkova, curator

Part of POLSKI and A is for Abbeyhill Artists durational public art projects I have been curating since 2013:


Concept, Art Direction & Post Production: Aga Mietkiewicz

Animation & Post Production: Robert Motyka / Wee Dog Media

Illustrated by P7 pupils from Abbeyhill Primary School: Aiden, Aaron, Belle, Rosie, Lili, Rosa, Kate, Alma, Astare, Rhys, Kyle Supported by: Ieuan, Illiyana, Aga

Special Thanks To: Ieuan Scott-Woodhoue, Iliyana Nedkova, Iga Bozyk & Jarema