Live theatre performance video – Slavery in Scotland – Tea, Sugar and Rum

Live theatre performance video production – Slavery in Scotland – Tea, Sugar and Rum at Edinburgh Multicultural Festival

Part 1.
Salty Sea,
co-written by John Kielty, Gerry Kielty, Morgan Njobo, Ramcise Modie
Performed by Gerry Kielty, Morgan Njobo, Khanyisani Beato, Ramcise Modie

Part 2.
Scenes of Witness,
co-written and performed by Susan Morrison and Lisa Willams


Morgan Njobo and Ramcise Modie: Music editing 
Robert Henderson, Banana Row Studios, Leith, Edinburgh: Audio Recording

Piotr Motyka: Videographer, Video editing, Lighting
Kat Długosz: Videographer, Lighting
Robert Motyka: Projection artist, Post production,  Lighting

Commissioned and produced by
African Connections CIC for the Edinburgh Multicultural Festival

Supported by Creative Scotland