Louise Rutkowski – Help me music video
Louise Rutkowski – Help me music video

Louise Rutkowski is a Scottish singer who rose to prominence as part of the 4AD music project This Mortal Coil.

Her first solo album Diary of a Lost Girl was released in 2014.

Louise says of the album: “Most of all I envisaged this album as a soundtrack to life for the listener. I remember visiting London when I’d just met Irvin and was listening to the bare bones of “Float”, one of the album tracks, and trying to come up with something. I was sitting on the Tube and somehow the music, combined with the motion of the train and watching people sitting thinking as they endured their journey, made me realise that I wanted this to be an album that would be a part of someone’s daily life; rather than something they would put on at home. Much as the This Mortal Coil albums were for a lot of fans that have spoken to me over the years, the music should accompany whatever is going on for that person, and hopefully make it easier for them, or help them to come to conclusions. It’s a very personal album and I would hope it would become personal for the listener too.”


Words and Music © Irvin Duguid and Louise Rutkowski
Produced by: Irvin Duguid
Video: Robert Motyka / weedogmedia.co.uk


©2014 Louise Rutkowski