University research promotional video – User-centred research at Edinburgh Neuroprosthetics

Research explanatory promotional video with the usage of motion graphics created for User-Centred Research at Edinburgh Neuroprosthetics, University of Edinburgh.

Research and development for upper limb prosthetic devices continues to advance. However, people who use a prosthesis have needs that are still unmet.

By researching with users, who choose to use or not use a prosthetic device: we can better understand the unmet needs, explore real-world experiences, and develop advanced ideas, that can lead to solutions that users find fit-for-purpose.

By joining us in workshops, meetings, interviews, working groups, and surveys: you can share and co-design ideas, and provide valuable feedback throughout our development process – contributing to an advanced prosthesis.

We are a passionate and dynamic research team, bringing together a range of knowledge from: biomedical engineering, social sciences, clinical practice, law, medicine and industrial design.

We develop advanced control systems that aim to improve the function of a prosthetic device.Based at The University of Edinburgh: we research with a variety of people: Users of prosthetic devices and clinical care, Researchers, Clinicians, Policy Makers, and Industry Specialists. Grounded on a co-creation approach, we are able to actively research with users: from creating initial ideas to sharing new knowledge and solutions.

We are excited to be developing our research with users, to explore and test ideas beyond the laboratory: within home environments. By doing so, we will build our understanding of how prosthetic control systems work in the real-world, leading to solutions that are fit-for-purpose.

We are really excited to develop our research with you, by co-creating solutions together: come and join us:

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Robert Motyka: Motion Graphics, Video and Audio Edit.

Voice over: Mark Kydd @