Live music video – Ramuyapiko live at Edinburgh Multicultural Festival

Ramuyapiko is a band originally formed in 2017 in Edinburgh by singer and songwriter Muya and his friend and producer Ramsis. The duo has gradually evolved in a full band, including Alek on drums and two guitarists, Matt and Bala.

Ramuyapiko stands for brotherhood and music above borders. A fusion of hip hop/funk/reggae and African rhythms makes the sound flow smoothly, delivering an inspiring message. The band played several gigs in Edinburgh and has already participated in some of the major Scottish festivals such as Audiosoup, Eden and the Fringe.

In partnership with “Be United” they have released their first EP called “United Sounds”, project connecting artist from South Africa and Scotland.

The band is known from powerful and entertaining performances. The aim of the lyrics is to uplift and reconnect people and to create more empathic world together.

Ramuyapiko current members:
Muya – vocal, Ramsis – bass/vocal, Matt – guitar, Bala – guitar, Alex – drums


Courtenay Drakos: Head of lighting
Morgan Njobo and Ramcise Modie: Music editing
Robert Motyka: Multi projections, Video editing
Piotr Motyka: Camera, Video editing
Kat Długosz: Camera

Produced by African Connections CIC for the Edinburgh Multicultural Festival