Live dance performance videography – Mio Shudo

Mio Shudo
Master of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Founder of ‘For The Love of Less’, Pianist, Harpist and Storyteller

Playing ‘Calling The Muse’, one of her own harp compositions, Mio Shudo welcomes you then shares a short story on the Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony which is a living synthesis of the ancient yet contemporary and modern living culture of Japan.

Mio will then demonstrate a very brief element of the Way of Tea, performed with harp music ‘Son of Hosta’. As a finale Mio will play a further enchanting piece on the harp ‘Eilean Aigas’.


Courtenay Drakos: Head of lighting
Morgan Njobo and Ramcise Modie: Audio editing
Robert Henderson, Banana Row Studios, Leith, Edinburgh: Audio Recording
Piotr Motyka: Videographer, Video editing
Kat Długosz: Videographer
Robert Motyka: Multi projections, Post production

Produced by African Connections CIC for the Edinburgh Multicultural Festival
Supported by the City of Edinburgh Council