Refraction – interactive audiovisual installation

Refraction (interactive audiovisual installation of Luci Holland with Cryptic Nights and support of Projector Club)

Refraction is an interactive audiovisual otherworldly experience that invites the participant/s to discover movement & space around them with responsive sound & visuals.

Supported by the wonderful team at Cryptic Nights, the piece was selected to be developed and shown as part of their 2018 programme. It was shown at the Glasgow CCA on 8th & 9th March.

Refraction was designed and created by Luci and a team of artists & Projector Club, including lighting designer Tom Sulat, artist & projection specialist Ross Blair, visual artist & film producer Robert Motyka, artists Elph & Craig Robertson, and filmmaker Mike Guest.

Refraction (and other bespoke audiovisual installations) is available to show at festivals, parties, conferences, & more! 🙂

“Treading the line between reality and imagination, composer and sound designer Luci Holland invites you to embark on an interactive, virtual exploration of an underwater environment. A collaboration with lighting designer Tom Sulat and visual artist Ross Blair, Refraction is an otherworldly experience where your movement directly affects responsive audio and visuals. Observing and interacting with the space, you control your own immersion and the resulting impact it has on the senses.”

Luci would like to thank everyone who assisted on developing the project and made Refraction possible: Cathie, Rachel, Chris, Claire, Caroline & all at Cryptic CCA Glasgow, Tom, Ross, Robert, Brian (Elph), Mike, Craig, Matt Gio, Lucas Kao, Mark Daniels, MCL Create, Creative Scotland

People who have experienced Refraction said:

“Beautiful visuals and sound.”
“Amazing – like watching the movie ‘The Arrival.’ Wow”
“Totally inspired. Felt curious and impressed with the complexity of something that
initially appeared simple.”
“(Felt) Amazed, calm, inspired. Absolutely incredible. Best exhibit I have been to in
“Beautiful, captivating.”
“Zen. Immersive, relaxing, exciting, very well put together exhibit.”


Photo credits: Neil Jarvie