Live dance performance video – Qqhuniq – Edinburgh Multicultural Festival 2020

Dance duo, Daniel Monterio and Oraine Frater, present original choreography telling three stories of loneliness and isolation performed to the original composition ‘Qqhuniq’ by Oli Jan.

“Tainted Home” tells a story of a dysfunctional family, abuse and trauma.
This dance is to raise awareness of the impact it has on the future of a child.
“Enlightenment” encourages having hope in times where we are afraid of the unknown. There’s always that support system that guides us, shows us the way and takes us to what is destined for us.
“Pathways” is an abstract piece about pandemic, isolation and the realisation of the similar struggles we all face on our life’s journey.

‘Qqhuniq’ meaning many trees/forest in Atayal, a native Taiwanese language, is original composition by Oli Jan, the recipient of Visa Endorsement: Exceptional Talent (Arts Council England, UK, 2017). Oli’s inspiration for these evolving soundscapes comes from his memory of how trees grow and die in the deep mountains of Taiwan. The melody on celeste, sine wave and cello takes listeners on spiritual journey into the deep forests of Taiwan.

Daniel Monteiro: Choreographer and Dancer
Oraine Frater: Choreographer and Dancer
Oli Jan: Composer

Courtenay Drakos: Head of lighting
Oli Jan: Music editing
Robert Motyka: Projections, Video editing
Piotr Motyka: Camera, Video editing
Kat Długosz: Camera
Produced by African Connections CIC for the Edinburgh Multicultural Festival