Where Will The Flight Take Us? Projection mapping event in Edinburgh

In partnership with Causey Development Trust: 
Kate Leiper (Artist and Illustrator) and Robert Motyka (Projection artist),  
In collaboration with the staff and pupils of Preston Street Primary School, Southside Community Centre Management Committee Funders, Causey Development Trust, Foundation Scotland, City of Edinburgh Community Grant 

With much thanks to the Causey volunteers, Colette Nimbley and the Preston Street Primary School Community, Lindsay McPhillips, Buccleuch and Greyfriars Church, St Andrew’s Orthodox Church, Malcolm Leiper, City of Edinburgh Events / Place Team and Street Lighting Operations Team

School Workshops: 
Workshop Leaders: Kate Leiper, Robert Motyka, 
Teacher: Colette Nimbley, 
Videographer: Piotr Motyka,
Original artwork: Bird Drawings: P7 Pupils of Preston Street Primary School, 
Additional drawings: Kate Leiper

Motion Graphics, Video and Audio Edit: Piotr Motyka, Robert Motyka, 
Mandolin Music: Malcolm Leiper,
Baby Eagle Sound: Tosia Zakrzewska

Street Event: 
MC: Kate Leiper,
Multi-projection Mapping: Robert Motyka, 
Technical Services, Staging, PA System: Pete Searle, 
Poster Design, Parrot Cape, Street Decorations: Justine Blair,
PR: Sarah Drummond,
Eagle Mask: Joanna Boyce,
Parrot Headdress: Kate Leiper, 
Street Lighting Operations and Place Management: The City of Edinburgh Council

Exhibition Picture Hanging:
Joanna Boyce, Kate Leiper

Catering and the Southside Community Centre:
Nahid Aslam and the Southside Community Centre Volunteers

Street Event Operation Support:
Isobel Leckie, Justine Blair, Celia Borland, Ben Bate, Alastair Blamire, Willie Lytle, Sarah Lytle and Keith Knowlton from Buccleuch Church, Stuart Walker, David Wood, Valio Yordanov

Documentary Film:
Vox Pops: Kate Leiper, Sarah Drummond,
Videographer: Piotr Motyka,
Video Edit: Piotr Motyka, Robert Motyka,
Lighting Support: Valio Yordanov

‘Where Will The Flight Take Us?’ is a community art collaboration project which culminated in a celebrational outdoor street event. Kate and Robert worked with a local school, Preston Street Primary, encouraging the pupils to imagine and draw their own bird. They were inspired by the meaning of birds, both real and imaginary – what they can tell us about ourselves, the environment, community, migration, climate collapse. Their pupils’ work was digitalised, formed into a short animation along with a soundscape, and then projected on the buildings surrounding the Causey at a public event. The Causey is currently an ugly traffic island but the space was magically transformed with the animations, demonstrating the power of imagination and creativity in place transformation and strengthening community bonds.