Short social campaign promo video – SHED YOUR ARMOUR, SHOW THE SCARS!


The project was created by Community Ambassadors, led by Feniks and See Me Scotland.

The action calls men to shed armour, symbolizing emotional cover, and show scars that represent painful experiences. It encourages conversations and reaching out for help in dealing with problems.

Conversation can save a life.

Rambo, Geralt, Ragnar… famous warriors, greatly admired and generally perceived as models of masculinity, proudly display their scars as proof of their struggles.
Why, then, are we ashamed of our own emotional wounds, which we carefully hide under the armour of self-sufficiency?

How long would these undefeated warriors enjoy their fame if they felt ashamed of their own wounds?
Conversations regarding mental health do not equal weaknesses. Instead, looking for a way to solve a problem should be a source of pride. Each of your emotional scars represents a challenge that did not defeat you. Don’t feel ashamed of your experiences.

Feniks conducted a series of research studies on the mental health of Polish men in Scotland. One has revealed that over 65% of participating men admitted having suicidal thoughts, whereas nearly 37% attempted to take their own life. Statistical data obtained by Feniks, in partnership with NHS Lothian, shows that the level of suicides among Polish men in Scotland is nearly twice as high as among Scots (96% higher). One of the factors contributing to these results derives from individual reluctance to seek help. It is a direct consequence of shame, fear or discomfort surrounding acknowledging mental health problems.

Our campaign „Shed your armour, show the scars!” sets a challenge to deeply ingrained stereotypes. It encourages men to share their experiences regarding ill psychological health and how they overcame the challenges.

The campaign, created by mental health ambassadors under the leadership of See Me Scotland and Feniks, is a gauntlet thrown at the widespread phenomenon of mental health discrimination.

Armour, being the central theme of the campaign, represents an emotional shield which protects men from various aspects of social judgement. Consequently, the project calls for shedding the armour and exposing one’s scars which symbolise their harrowing experiences. It aims to encourage men, and their significant others, to speak up about their struggles and to actively pursue support. A conversation can save a life.

If you or anyone you know experiences mental health issues – do not hesitate!
Find professional help here:
GP – book an appointment;you can bring along your significant other and ask for a confidential interpreter.
NHS 24 helpline – call 111. The service provides language assistance.
Breathing Space – call 0800 83 85 87. Helpline service, run by the NHS, for people who suffer from depression and anxiety.
Feniks – call 0131 629 1881. If you want to speak to a Polish therapist – limited availability due to restricted funds.
Edinburgh Local Crisis Centre – call 0808 801 0414. The service provides language assistance.