Where Will The Flight Take Us? Projection mapping event in Edinburgh

In partnership with Causey Development Trust: Kate Leiper (Artist and Illustrator) and Robert Motyka (Projection artist),  https://thecausey.orghttps://www.instagram.com/kate_leiper_artist/ In collaboration with the staff and pupils of Preston Street Primary School, Southside Community Centre Management Committee Funders, Causey Development ...

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Titi Farukuoye

Titilayo Farukuoye reads

Titilayo Farukuoye is a writer, organiser and anti-racist educator based in Glasgow. In their performance Titilayo invites their audience to embody the activist today. What does it feel like to call for social change? My ...

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The Causey: transforming a place

The Causey Development Trust is working at grassroots level to transform a neglected, car-dominated cityscape into a vibrant, people-friendly place that celebrates the history and spirit of the Southside of Edinburgh. Our ambition: The Causey: ...

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